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The Impact Society
2 min readJan 15, 2021


Picture Credits: Rakesh P. Rao

Welcome to the Impact Society.

We are a multi-disciplinary collective composed of writers, filmmakers, photographers, creators, artists, explorers, conservationists, scientists & more, that aims to drive social change & build collective awareness towards the dire issues of our times, through experiential learning & impact-creation initiatives.

Our Vision: The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect has its roots in the understanding that we are all connected. These invisible ties that bind us to one another stretch out imperceptibly, an intricate, woven tapestry within which we all exist. Our every action, and every non-action is like a stone dropped in a pond, forming a ripple that reverberates outward through the physical world.

An abstract metaphor to describe the chain reaction initiated by an isolated event, the Ripple Effect is an observable phenomenon in the living world. As with every mass movement across the annals of history, a single idea has within it the capacity to change the world. Our goal as an institution is to produce a veritable hailstorm of stones dropped into the stagnant waters of the prevailing narratives surrounding our lives and actions on this planet, in order to create a positive impact on our society, and environment.

We invite you to join us on our journey to create a positive impact, the digital way, through social communication and web-native initiatives designed to spread awareness and drive collective action.

Picture Credits: Vijesh Kumar Raju

Are you a Storyteller?

If you are a writer, a filmmaker, a photographer, or a creator, with an impactful story to tell, we are looking for you.

Write to us at to contribute to our cause, and join us in our efforts to create a better future.



The Impact Society

We are The Impact Society, a multi-disciplinary community that aims to drive social change & build collective awareness towards the dire issues of our times.